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We buy and sell new and used gantry cranes of all types.

Welcome to Gantry Crane Trading, LLC

Gantry Crane Trading is the source for used rubber tired gantry cranes, RTG's, straddle cranes, travelifts, and self propelled rail mounted gantry cranes. We sell or trade machines built by Drott, MiJack, Shuttlelift, Ropco, Renner, and Paceco to name a few. We are the marketing arm for Acme Marine Hoist's industrial machines, with 50 years building solid, simple, and competitive cranes. Both traversing and non-traversing machines are now offered! We are also pleased to announce our crane sales arrangement for large rubber tire gantry cranes built by Ascom of Modena, Italy.

This site is updated as the listings of the used cranes change. See our "available cranes" page. We give as much detail as possible for each machine. We have factory spec sheets for virtually every machine we have listed, and photos which are shown, or available via e-mail on request. If you utilize any of the equipment we trade, please bookmark this site and check in periodically! If you have any used crane, or a travel lift to sell, drop us a line. Also click on the "Special Offer" link (on the top of the page) to find out about our special offer for anyone with information about selling gantry cranes. In the meantime, feel free to contact us via email, phone at 609-263-6900, or instant message. To get an up-to-date list with prices, kindly visit our Inquiry Form and fill out the requested information. During business hours you will receive a reply within minutes.

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